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Khamis, 31 Julai 2008

Nissan X Link

Nissan X Link Kereta Konsep

Radial Engine Powered Motorcycle

Motosikal ini 7 selinder dengan enjin radial...buatan Australia
Nombor Pendaftaran Kenderaan Terkini JPJ Johor ~ JLC8115

2008 bmw M-zero very cute

Terima kasih buat Norsufadzizah diatas sumbangan ini

Rabu, 30 Julai 2008

Model Baru Hyundai Jumaat 1.08.08

Motor trader melaporkan hyundai Malaysia akan melancarkan model baru pada hari Jumaat 1.08.08. Adakah ia i10 atau i30 ?



Nombor kenderaan terkini JPJ Johor JLC7310

Selasa, 29 Julai 2008

2010 E class Mercedes benz

Nombor kenderaan terkini JPJ Johor JLC6651

Kenderaan Rebet Minyak -motorized bicycle

Buat kekawan yang mengunakan kenderaan lebih 2000cc disyorkan bertukar ke......
Basikal ini berkuasa kuda 236cc dengan kelajuan maksima 50batu sejam

Koleksi gambar kereta ngv

Terima kasih saudari erin kerana sudi menghantar koleksi peribadinya...
Nombor kenderaan terkini JPJ Johor JLC5939

Ahad, 27 Julai 2008

2009 Jaguar XF

San Diego is one of my favorite cities, this coming from someone who calls Southern California home, but is so disenchanted by the traffic and how difficult it now seems to get anywhere. With that being said, I have few complaints about Jaguar having selected San Diego and the twisty secondary roads to the east of the city for us to get some seat time behind the wheel of the new XF sports sedan.

With Ford’s recent sale of its Jaguar and Land Rover brands to India’s Tata industrial conglomerate, the importance of this launch for Jaguar’s future can’t be underestimated; if ever there was a make-or-break launch for a vehicle manufacturer, this is it. And thankfully for Jaguar, the new XF is an outstanding vehicle – albeit one that is somewhat difficult to pigeonhole – that should help restore the leaping cat to a place of prominence in the luxury sport sedan marketplace.
Jaguar appears to be taking a page out of the Lexus launch book from 1989 in that they are offering a product that is sized, powered, and priced to place it in a niche without direct competition. For Lexus, it was positioning the original LS400 as a car sized and powered to compete against the then current BMW 7-series and Mercedes S-Class, but pricing it closer to the 5-series and E-Class. Jaguar, in offering the luxury model V8-powered XF at a price of $49,975, has introduced a stylish alternative sized and powered closer to the V8-powered 5-series and E-Class, but priced much closer to top-of-the-line 3-series and C-Class cars from their German competitors

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

When the sportbike discussion inevitably turns to outright performance, the Aprilia RSV 1000R is usually left out of the equation. It is true that the Italian bike is down on horsepower when compared with its racier relatives from Ducati and especially against the inline four machines from the Japanese manufacturers. While the Big Four from Japan continuously improve their unique (but very similar) breed of liter-class sportbikes with completely new designs every few years, Aprilia has sat back and made very small and incremental changes to its V-Twin contestant, and though its acceleration is surely a tick or two behind the leaders, it is important to consider the fact that everything is relative in the world of liter-bikes. Remember, barring something truly special, any liter-class sportbike from the last decade is sure to be the quickest vehicle on any given road. So, what does the Aprilia offer to make up for its apparent lack of horsepower

Sabtu, 26 Julai 2008

Gadis Supermodel Kereta

1.Sheela ~ bmw
2.Sofea~Mazda RX7
3.Monique ~ Toyota Mr2
Krysle ~ Vintage
Undilah diruangan comments.

2009 Victory Kingpin Low

Nombor Pendaftaran Terkini JPJ Johor ~ JLC5299

Jumaat, 25 Julai 2008

Suzuki SX4 sedan 1.6auto _dilancarkan minat hubungi mdnor.jb

After teasing us with the Suzuki SX4 Sedan’s impending introduction with various units placed in shopping malls around the country as part of a contest, Suzuki Malaysia Automobile Sdn Bhd has unveiled the Suzuki SX4 Sedan yesterday. The car is a CBU unit fully imported from Japan and two variants are available, both with a 1.6 liter engine and automatic transmission.

The Nissan Latio is no longer alone in its game as a 1.6 liter B-segment sedan. The Suzuki SX4 sedan is powered by the same 1.6 liter VVT engine as its hatchback sibling. It puts out a rather sedate 102 PS at 5,600rpm and 140Nm of torque at 4,000rpm through the front wheels via a 4-speed automatic.

It’s a rather tall sedan with higher than usual ground clearance. The front fascia is actually inspired by a Japanese Kabuki mask, which explains its aggressive look. The addition of a boot onto the hatchback’s body results in a very impressive 515 liter boot space, probably the largest in its class. Also first in class is the inclusion of ISOFIX mounting points for child seats on the rear passenger bench and automatic climate control.

The base model comes standard with a bodykit. It features a standard CD player with MP3 capabilities, mated to an 8-speaker audio system with steering wheel audio controls. In addition to the standard ISOFIX points, there are dual SRS airbags in the front.Wheels are 15 inchers with 195/65R15 tyres and brakes are discs at the front and drums at the rear.

The standard version costs RM88,888 OTR without insurance (RM91,437 with insurance). The premium version will cost you RM96,567.50 OTR inclusive of insurance and adds window tinting, a trunk lid spoiler (the rest of the aerokit is standard), door visors and leather seats. Three colours are available - Silky Silver, Azure Grey and Black Pearl.

Kenyataan Lanjutan PROTON ~ 2


In response to the claims made regarding the high cost of maintenance of the Proton Perdana, Proton reiterates its stand that the cost of maintenance of this model is reasonable, based on its records collated from its authorized service dealers and branches. The average maintenance cost of each Proton Perdana belonging to the Terengganu State Government sent to Proton is RM542.00 per annum, based on the records of the 35 cars serviced at PROTON’s authorized serviced dealers.

Generally, the typical mileage of a car under normal usage is between 20,000 km to 30,000 km per year. Based on this, the average total maintenance cost during this period is estimated to be RM2,300.00 and this cost will increase with heavier usage.

As highlighted in the recent newspaper reports, Proton wish to reiterate that there are risks involved in terms of parts, performance, cost and quality of work when the vehicles are not serviced at authorized service centers, especially when these vehicles clock high mileage.

Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Managing Director of Proton today stressed that Proton treats this matter seriously and is currently reviewing all its service data and records involving all PROTON vehicles delivered to the government, primarily the Perdana. “We are more than willing to provide all necessary assistance to the State Governments if they require clarification on issues relating to the Perdana, or any other PROTON vehicles bought by them”, he said.

Issued by Proton Group Corporate Communications Dept at 6 pm.

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

Khamis, 24 Julai 2008

Amaran Dari Shell Malaysia

Shell Malaysia wishes to warn members of the public of the following scam. It has come to Shell's attention that Short Messaging System (SMS) text messages are being sent to people claiming that they have won prizes from Shell Malaysia. Typically the sms will tells the SMS recipient that they have won a cash prize from Shell.

Please do not reply but ignore the sms. Shell Malaysia does NOT use text messages to communicate to our contest winners.

All winner announcements for contests run by Shell are advertised in the media and available on the Shell Malaysia website Winners will also receive a phonecall informing them of their win by a Shell-appointed agency. At which point, Shell's agency will need to verify the winner's name, NRIC and address for the prizes to be couriered to the winners. Shell does NOT require any bank account numbers, etc. If ever in doubt, please do check the website to ensure that you are indeed a Shell contest winner.

Alfa Romeo Mito

New Alfa Mito
Nombor kenderaan terkini JPJ Johor ~ JLC4673

Rabu, 23 Julai 2008

Jawapan kepada isu Proton Perdana milik Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu

STATEMENT ON PROTON PERDANA V6 SHAH ALAM, 23 July 2008 - In light of recent reports on the maintenance cost of the Perdana, PROTON seeks to clarify that the maintenance cost and efficiency of the model is reasonable and moderate, based on its records.While the cost of replacing the gearbox may be costly, such an occurrence can be avoided by sending the vehicle for recommended regular and scheduled services at authorized service centres and fitted with original parts. Each periodical service plus oil filter would generally cost around RM200, excluding other spare parts.Cars in general will perform up to expectations and be less susceptible to problems if they are properly cared for and handled with good driving habits. For Perdana V6, frequency of service is recommended at 5,000 km intervals or after 3 months of usage, whichever comes first. With reference to one of the cars which was purchased in May 2004 by the Terengganu State government, which claimed to have spent more than RM100,000 on its repair and maintenance, our record shows that there has not been any warranty claims made by them since October 2004 on that particular vehicle.PROTON is seriously looking into this matter and will be contacting the Terengganu State government to find out details of the service history records on the affected cars in order for PROTON to provide necessary assistance on this matter.Issued by Proton Group Corporate Communications Dept.

2009 Harley Davidson

2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle 1250cc

Selasa, 22 Julai 2008

New Wakan 1640

JPJ Johor ~ JLC3496

1.6L Kia Soul picture leak